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Hello Everyone and welcome to the Blog of Lillian Orchid, Also known as Purple Tartan to those who follow me elsewhere on the Web. I set up this Blog so that Others could more easily keep up with my Misadventures and also so I could share My thoughts on an array of different Subjects.

Enjoy! :)

Saturday, August 18, 2012

If Love Were All - A Night On The Town

Because for some reason it vanished from the last post...


A Night On the Town Videos!

Uploaded some Videos of some of the songs from A Night On The Town. Enjoy!

Mad Dogs & Englishmen;

If Love Were All;

Begin The Beguine;

Enjoy! :D

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Lewis Collins - A Night On The Town videos!

Just thought I'd share these two clips of Lew in A Night On The Town from my YT channel. Lew looks absolutely gorgeous in this first scene in top hat & tails and his singing voice just melts me every time! <3

"Change Partners" <3

"All Alone"

Enjoy! <3

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Casting a Pod!

My pal, RedBlackStripe and I have made a podcast! Yay! XD

It's mostly just going to be us nattering on about stuff and the occasional bit of comedy and gaming chat. Enjoy!

Warning: We do swear and come out with rude jokes; so if you don't like, don't listen. 

Lewis Collins & Gordon Jackson NAAFI Outtakes

Here is a video with a ton of outtakes from a video about NAAFI that Lewis Collins and Gordon Jackson were a part of. The outtakes are brilliant and very funny! :D

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Doctor in the House pics!

I need some cheering up so...

Time to go back to 1969 and look at some screen grabs of a very young Martin Shaw as Huw Evans in Doctor in the House. :D

Above: (From left to right) Huw Evans, Dave Briddock, Dick Stuart-Clark, Paul Collier and Duncan Waring.

Above: "In a little bottle, sir?"

Above: "I think I've found a tonsil." lol

Below: Is it just me or do men like dressing up as women... a lot? XD lol

Above: From Episode "Keep It Clean." (From left) Huw Evans, Dave Briddock and Paul Collier dressed up as Nurses. XD lol

Above: Also from the episode "Keep It Clean" (from left) Michael Upton, Duncan Waring, Paul Collier, Huw Evans and Dave Briddock.

I love this show. If you want to view the pictures bigger, just right click on them and choose view image or open in new tab. :D

Friday, April 13, 2012

Lewis Collins - JTR: George Godley pics

I love this film! They say its got bad 'Ripperology', but it's still a bloody good film. (See what I did there? ;D)

Any way, Pictures ahoy!

Phew, I think I need a moment to recover. lol ;D 

Night peeps! 


Sunday, April 1, 2012

Jeremy Brett Fan Vid #2

I love the song that's on this one and the video it's self is very good...

...Excuse me one moment while I try to recover from Mr Brett in his towel scene... ;D

Jeremy Brett - Fan vid

Little clips of Jeremy Brett in the film "Shameless" or as it's know over here "Mad Dogs and Englishmen".

**warning video may contain stuff viewers may find offensive, even if they are there ever so briefly**

He's plays quite a good villain, though I really am more used to seeing him as Sherlock Holmes. ;D



I've made a few updates to the blog. I've made the whole blog wider to allow for wider videos and posts, I also slightly changed the background shade and the text and finally I've added a Youtube link and a Live Stream Embedded link to the bottom of the blog. :D

So, now if you want to avoid the chat on the Live Stream you can just watch it here instead. :D

Also, I've changed my mind about my fictions and have decided to use LiveJournal for them instead. You can find the link to my LJ in the side bar. :)